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Far Cry 4
Although it's not quite as demanding as Crysis 3, my experience with Far Cry 4 suggests it's still a challenge for most systems to run smoothly with the settings cranked. To confirm or dispel that impression, I turned up the game's quality settings at 1920x1080 and ran through our usual test area.

Interesting. Far Cry 4's performance improvements taper off once we start testing it with Haswell and newer chips. The i7-3770K, i7-4790K, and i7-6700K all bunch up behind the i7-7700K, trailed slightly by the i7-2600K and the i7-6950X. The i7-7700K also turns in the best 99th-percentile frame time by a slight margin, but the differences aren't large among the Intel chips.

Our time-spent-beyond results shake out about as you'd expect from the average frame rates and 99th-percentile frame times above. The i7-7700K lets the GTX 1080 deliver nearly all of its frames in 16.7 ms, and the other Intel chips in the test suite hamper the card just a bit more. Meanwhile, the FX-8370 forces the GTX 1080 to spend nearly two seconds on frames that take more than 16.7 ms to render, and that performance translates into a notably less smooth gaming experience than the Intel CPUs provide.