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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
After our Core i7-7700K review, where Deus Ex: Mankind Divided proved GPU-bound, we tweaked the game's settings to see if that remained the case across its entire range of eye candy. Happily, we discovered that turning off MSAA and lightening a few other loads on the graphics card turns DXMD's polygon-rich environments into a real torture test for any CPU.

Unshackle the GTX 1080 with some strategic settings changes, and Deus Ex can actually run quite swiftly. Its CPU scaling seems to top out at about eight threads, however, so the Core i7-7700K and company rule the roost by a decent margin. Just like Watch Dogs 2, the performance progression in the graphs above is more or less what we expect from a completely CPU-bound test.

While there's little churning of note for these CPUs at the 16.7-ms threshold in DXMD, a click over to the 8.3-ms mark shows that the Intel CPUs spend substantially less time holding up the GTX 1080 than the Ryzen chips do. Even with an apparent eight-thread workload to fully occupy them, AMD's latest just can't keep up with the GTX 1080's thirst for work at higher frame rates.