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Tom Clancy's The Division (DirectX 11)
The Division has a reputation for being a toughie, so we set it up with a blend of high and ultra settings and stepped into the disaster-stricken landscape of New York to see whether it lives up to that billing.

The Division's open-world New York setting is a formidable challenge for all of these cards to render, and the 1080 Ti's 99th-percentile frame time indicates that it has to work harder in spots than its commendable average frame rate would first suggest. We wouldn't put too much stock in the Fury X's numbers hereā€”it seems our settings overtaxed the Radeon's 4GB of RAM.

Even with some tough spots and a bit of spikiness, the GTX 1080 Ti once again spends just a handful of seconds past 16.7 ms in The Division. Nothing else is nearly as smooth.