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Watch Dogs 2
Here's a new addition to our GPU-testing suite. We know from our recent Ryzen review that Watch Dogs 2 can challenge every part of a system, so we turned up the eye candy and walked through the forested paths around the game's Coit Tower landmark to get our graphics cards sweating. Ignore the 1920x1080 resolution in the settings below.

Like The Division, Watch Dogs 2 is set in a huge open world, but in foggy San Francisco rather than post-apocalyptic New York. Those sweeping vistas full of fine detail put the hurt on any graphics card, and even the 1080 Ti can't quite get this dog to heel.

Still, the 1080 Ti spends about a third as much time on tough frames that take longer than 16.7 ms to render as the GP104-powered cards do. If you need visuals that match the potential of a 4K screen, the 1080 Ti is the only way to go for smooth gameplay.