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Every time I set out to write a Corsair keyboard review, I know I'm going to be working with a high-quality product. That quality usually comes with quite the hefty price tag attached. The question, then, is whether the features of the keyboard are worth the premium over other gaming keyboards on the market.

The few issues this board has are minor ones. Most of all, I'd like to see some extra polish given to the revised CUE software. The volume wheel could also use some notches, and it'd be nice to have the option of using non-slanted textured keycaps for the WASD cluster. Like I said: minor complaints.

The K95 Platinum definitely does a whole lot well. It's a solid keyboard with great build quality, fantastic switches, and flawless RGB LEDs. The new light bar looks great, both wrist rest textures are comfortable, the revised media keys are nice, and the G-keys can be great to have. For the most part, this board carries on Corsair's tradition of excellence.

The K95 Platinum will set gamers back $200, and that's the biggest cloud hanging over its aluminum top plate. The original K95 was $150, and the RGB version was $190. Ten dollars more over the original K95 RGB may not seem like too bad a jump until you consider the fact that the K95 RGB had three times as many G-keys as the K95 Platinum. Heavy macro users are actually getting less for their money with this board than what the first K95 offered.

The $10 extra does get you a new light bar, better media keys, and a second wrist rest texture. Even so, this board isn't that much different functionally from the K70 Rapidfire, which goes for $170. Pricing aside, it's a shame that Corsair no longer sells a keyboard with 18 G-keys like the original K95. Whether the six macro keys of the Platinum are enough to keep heavy macro users happy is an open question. For everybody else, the K95 Platinum is a top-shelf keyboard with a price tag to match. If you can afford it, you won't be disappointed. 

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