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Crysis 3
Like GTA V, Crysis 3 can still challenge today's graphics cards at its more demanding settings. We ran through our usual test area at 2560x1440 on the game's High preset with the "SMAA Low 1x" anti-aliasing setting.

Crysis 3 proves a bit more favorable for these new Radeons compared to GTA V. The RX 580 pulls ahead of the GTX 1060 pair in both our average-FPS metric of performance potential and in the measure of delivered smoothness captured by the 99th-percentile frame time. The RX 570 performs a tad better than the RX 470, but the clock-speed bump over the Polaris 10 card doesn't vault the 570 to new heights of performance for its weight class.

In our time-spent-beyond-X measures of "badness," the RX 570 duo offers tangible improvements in our one-minute run of Crysis 3. The RX 570 nearly halves the amount of time the RX 470 spends on tough frames that would drop the instantaneous frame rate below 60 FPS, while the RX 580 spends nearly one-seventh of the time the RX 480 does on similarly-challenging frames. In both cases, the RX 500-series cards deliver smoother gameplay than the RX 400-series cards do.