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With its swanky presentation, unique finish, and matching-numbers pedigree, Corsair's Dominator Torque memory kit offers a nice dash of exclusivity in a commodity market. At $400 for the 32GB kit I tested, this memory will not appeal to folks shopping for the best value. Just like a hand-crafted custom exhaust only reveals itself on close examination, though, this Dominator kit will immediately tip off those in the know to the fact that it's not the average pair of DIMMs.

For the money, I do wish the Dominator Torque kit included RGB LED lighting. This kit is all about flash, so it's a little bemusing that Corsair stuck with solid white LEDs for its most special RAM in this day and age. White is one of the most difficult colors to match up among RGB LED-illuminated hardware, and that fact might annoy the builders of tricked-out PCs who seem most likely to buy this product.

Corsair says it would have had to start from scratch to implement RGB LED lighting in this kit, to be fair, but given the company's prowess with RGB LED-illuminated everything, it's a shame the company's blinkenlights wizards weren't given the go-ahead to do their magic here. That work would have gone a long way toward making the Torque kit's price tag less likely to induce sticker shock.

That one beef aside, the Dominator Torque kit carries on Corsair's reputation for rock-solid reliability and plug-and-play speed (so long as you're an Intel builder). Corsair's XMP profile dialed in the right settings across a couple of Z270 motherboards at my disposal, and for memory-bandwidth-intensive applications and games, this kit will offer a noticeable boost over plain old DDR4-2400.

Of course, any DDR4-3200 kit will offer similar benefits, but that's like saying someone can get to the grocery store in a Honda just as well as they can in a Ferrari. If you want something more special than generic RAM and have the means, the Dominator Torque kit is every bit as fast and furious as it looks.

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