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To keep life simple, Thermaltake takes advantage of AMD's factory mounting system with the Contac Silent 12. The preinstalled clip system works like AMD's own stock heatsinks, so it can mount on all recent AMD sockets, including the new-and-slightly-modified AM4 mounting hooks.

To mount the cooler to an Intel socket board, builders need to use the included adapter, which uses the same push-pin mechanism as Intel's stock heatsinks. Once this adapter is in place on an Intel board, the cooler mounts to the bracket the same way it would with an AMD platform.

No matter what type of CPU is going underneath the Contac Silent 12, builders will want to install the fan using the included pair of wire clips. First, builders will have to put the metal hook on each end of the clip through the holes on the fan that would be used for screws. This assembly then clips between the fins on the tower. The best way we found to mount the fan evenly is to press in one fan clip first and then count the number of fins up to the lower wire of the clip so that the process can be repeated on the other side of the cooler.

With the fan in place, the last step is to install the Contac Silent 12 onto the board. Like AMD's stock coolers, one needs to clip the bracket down by pressing down on the clips until they lock into place on the Socket AM4 mounting hooks. A leaf spring running across the base of the cooler then holds the assembly in place.

Once it was mounted, we were happy to find that the Contac Silent 12 didn't obstruct any of our board's DIMM slots. Even with the tall heatsink on our test system's memory modules, there was still enough room to allow for airflow to the fan.

With this cooler, we also didn't see any issues with clearance over the board's first PCIe slot. That means even the largest graphics cards and the Contac Silent 12 can coexist on most any motherboard.

All in all, the Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 is easy to install. It requires no tools to mount on AM4 boards, and the only cable one has to plug in is for the four-pin PWM header on the motherbard.  Let's dive into our testing results so we can see whether the Contac Silent 12 can take the heat or whether it burns up on re-entry.