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Aorus has your accessories covered as well. The M3 Gaming Mouse has all the ingredients a successful rodent needs: Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks, Pixart's 3988 optical sensor, and customizable RGB LED lighting. Our doughty editor-in-chief gave a quite similar mouse a TR Recommended award some time ago, so with any luck, Gigabyte's take on it will be equally compelling.

The Aorus K7 keyboard packs Cherry switches and per-key RBG LED lighting. At launch, the keyboard will only be available with Cherry MX Red and MX Blue varieties, but more may follow down the line. The K7 felt solidly constructed yet noticeably lighter than the Rosewill and CoolerMaster mechanical keyboards I've been exposed to.

Aorus K7 keyboard

The K9 keyboard seems quite similar to the K7 at first blush, but it hides a dirty secret—you can shower with it. The Flaretech "switches" inside are optical, meaning they use lights and sensors to detect keypresses, apparently eliminating the need to solder the switch to the keyboard's PCB. As a result, you get a keyboard that's splash-resistant. It isn't water-resistant or water-proof enough to earn any IP certifications, but it has a better chance than most keyboards at surviving a soda spill. These magical switches come in "red" and "blue" flavors, as does the K9.

Aorus K9 keyboard

Next up, a crazy idea. The Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box is... a box with a GTX 1070 inside. More specifically, it's a bespoke Thunderbolt 3-driven enclosure pre-loaded with a mini-ITX GTX 1070. There's a kind of logic at work here. Perhaps those who eschew big tower PCs don't want chunky external GPU docks at their desks either. Just don't buy one and expect to be able to replace the card inside with a full-length 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition, for example.

Anyway, the Gaming Box provides a full complement of USB ports, including a fast-charging connector. No target price was specified, but I was able to coax out a very loose $500 ballpark figure. Gigabyte is also considering a more powerful version with a sawn-off GTX 1080, but for now the GTX 1070 Gaming Box flies solo.