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Peripherals and cooling
The next concept that Corsair showed us is a combined mouse-and-pad package called Concept Zeus. The mouse transitions seamlessly between wired and wireless operation. The no-wires connection comes by way of Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz adapter. In wireless mode, the Zeus mouse can only claim a 36 hour battery life. This a is paltry amount compared to other options on the market—some of Logitech's rechargeable mice are rated for hundreds of hours—but there's a trick up the Zeus' sleeve that will make its shorter life tolerable.

Qi wireless charging! The circle graphic at the top right of the mousepad indicates the portion that contains the induction coil. Simply leave the mouse on the hotspot between gaming sessions to keep the rodent topped off. The size and placement of the charging area may change before the product releases, but the overall idea will remain the same.

Less-innovative features include seven buttons on the mouse, two USB 3.0 ports on the mat, and RGB LED lighting on both. Corsair expects to release a Zeus-derived product in the second half of this year, but there's no word on how much it might cost.

While we're on the subject of peripherals, we also got to check out Corsair's spill-resistant K68 keyboard. The water-torture tank they had it in refused to be photographed well, but suffice to say that the keyboard can withstand constant streams of water all day without ceasing to function.

On the cooling front, Corsair had a refreshed lineup of Hydro AIOs on display. These weren't mere concepts, but market-ready updates to the existing Hydro series of CLCs. In terms of performance, pump efficiency gains and thicker radiators enable the coolers' fans to spin at lower and quieter speeds compared to the previous models.

The company was also enthusiastic about the aesthetic improvements to the line. The LED lighting extends to the fans instead of just the block, and the pump gets a handsome aluminum ring to accentuate the RGB light ring below it. The series is also getting a new, 360-mm model at the top end. All the models are compatible with Corsair Link for software control and monitoring.