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SYNC it, hot-clocked RAM
Next, Corsair gave us a glimpse of its beta "SYNC it" software. With the inexorable proliferation of RGB LEDs across components both internal and external, the company realized that users need a way to coordinate all that lighting. There is no fate worse than one's keyboard blinking red and yellow while the motherboard and case shine solid blue.

SYNC it seeks to unite all of a system's lighting under a single cohesive software platform. While buy-in from other component makers isn't guaranteed, Corsair assures us that the platform will work across all Corsair products (including light strips, fans, peripherals, coolers, cases, and headsets) and MSI motherboards at the very least. Corsair ultimately intends for SYNC it to provide fine-grained control over every single addressable RGB LED in a system, using merely USB headers on the motherboard rather than relying on RGB LED headers.

To demo SYNC it's capabilities, Corsair built a fully RGB LED-bedecked system into one of its 570X cases with a custom mirror finish. With all the LEDs turned off, all I could see in the side panel was my own reflection. With a single button press, the entire system lit up with a scrolling Nyan-Cat dazzle. Thankfully, another button press soon replaced the dizzying rainbow effect with a nice and steadfast green. Regardless of one's color preferences, watching an entire system's innards and accessories all shift colors in lockstep made for an impressive show. Unfortunately, RGB enthusiasts won't be able to get their hands on SYNC it till early next year.

Last, we took a look at a couple of overclocking proof-of-concepts riding the X299 hype train. Corsair assembled systems with Asus boards and unnamed Core X CPUs to show off what its Vengeance RGB DDR4 DIMMs can do. One system had eight 16GB sticks taken to 3800 MT/s, while the other had only two 8GB sticks but drove them all the way to a lofty 4600 MT/s. Naturally, both systems used Corsair's' Hydro coolers, HX Series PSUs, and TR-recommended Force Series MP500 SSDs.

That's it for our trip through Corsair's Computex demo. If you liked any of the stuff on display, stay tuned to TR for info on when it'll be in stores.

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