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Next up is 2016's Doom, a fast-paced and brutal FPS title that hits all of my nostalgia buttons. Thanks to its tightly-optimized engine, it runs quite well on a wide variety of systems, and I hear that it's even fun to play, as well.

As much as I enjoy this game, it's a bit of a pain when it comes to benchmarking. Finding a relatively calm 60 seconds of gameplay is next to impossible, although the game's Arcade mode certainly takes some of the fuss out of benchmarking multiple systems. These runs use the opening UAC level that features the iconic reveal of a dusty Martian landscape. The end of the benchmarking run has me running in circles in a set pattern away from spawning demons. I tested the game at its Ultra preset.

The Aero 15 doesn't crank out the highest FPS in this comparison, but it does yield the best 99th-percentile frame time. That 13.1-ms result is quite excellent. The Aorus X5's performance appears to be affected by some CPU bottlenecking in Doom. Even though the GTX 1070 is cranking out a lot of frames, the spiky frame-time graph and relatively high 99th-percentile frame time suggest that the CPU is having to work overtime to keep up.

Two games into our benchmarking suite, and we still haven't seen a frame past the 33.3-ms mark. In Doom, the Aero 15 delivers exactly the kind of gaming experience we're looking for.