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When we tested the T3 last year, we were wowed by its compact form factor and peppy speeds. Samsung's Portable SSD T5 is a straightforward upgrade over its predecessor. The drive has made sizeable performance gains while retaining the same svelte footprint. The T5 is an unqualified performance winner in our book, so is it a good value, too?

Samsung Portable SSD T5 500GB
Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB
August 2017

Newegg was selling the T3 2TB for $750 when we reviewed it. It remains to be seen what retailers will end up charging for the T5, but Samsung is setting the suggested prices at $200 for the 500GB drive and $400 for the 1TB drive. That's a tad more per gigabyte than the T3 demanded, but between the T5's noticeable performance improvements and the sorry state of SSD prices, we're relieved that Samsung didn't jack up its asking price even more. After all, equivalent 850 EVOs (which came out almost three years ago) are going for $175 and $370 right now, so the portability tax is relatively low.

The T5's 64-layer V-NAND, miniscule aluminum body, and breakneck speeds (for USB) combine to make it the best portable SSD we've yet reviewed. As long as it retails near Samsung's suggested prices, it will be reasonably affordable, as well. If you're looking for tiny, durable, and blazing fast external storage, look no further. We can heartily recommend Samsung's Portable SSD T5.TR

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