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Cooler Master's MasterCase Pro 6 reviewed

A new twist on the modular formula

Cooler Master’s MasterCase Pro 6 interested me from my first glance. Its simple and professional design made it easy to picture this ATX mid-tower case sitting on my desk.

The case’s angular front panel sets the tone for the MasterCase Pro 6’s overall look: hard straight lines and large, smooth stretches of plastic. Lightly pulling out on the top and the bottom of the panel will offset the panel from the body by about .4” or 9 mm, opening up  vents at the front of the case. An additional light pull on the top of the panel will disconnect four magnets and allow the front to pivot out for access to two 5.25” bays, or allow owners to lift the panel off the body completely.

Once the front panel is removed, the MasterCase’s front dust filter can be removed by pulling out on the bottom edge of its frame. Removing the filter exposes the case’s two pre-installed 140-mm fans and an LED accent strip that lights up the bottom of the front panel. This LED strip is powered with its own SATA connector, and Cooler Master offers versions of the case with red or blue accent lighting. If you don’t need the 5.25” bays for your build, you can also add an additional 120-mm or 140-mm fan at the top of the case using an included bracket. The pre-installed fans can be removed to support a 240-mm or 280-mm radiator, as well.

The MasterCase’s front ports sit underneath a flip-up cover. This door uses a magnetic strip to keep it closed. Two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a 3.5 mm microphone jack, a hard-drive activity light, power and reset switches hide under this panel.

Lightly pull up on the front and back of the top panel, and it’ll pop up to open the case’s top vent. Pull up even farther, and four magnets will disengage so you can remove the panel from the body of the case. Removing the panel provides access to the top mounting plate for 120-mm or 140-mm fans, or 240-mm or 280-mm radiators. To make installation of those fans or radiators easier, builders can remove that bracket using four captive thumbscrews. If you’re installing a radiator on the top panel, be aware that its length can’t exceed 11.7” (297 mm) overall.

Spinning the case around to the rear panel, we’re met with a plastic bezel attached with two magnets. The rear of the case features a standard ATX layout with an I/O cutout, seven expansion slots, a pre-installed 140-mm fan with a three-pin connector, and plenty of mesh for extra airflow. It also features a metal face plate for a PSU mounting point for an easily installed unit.  A light tug removes the plastic bezel to provide access to the four thumb screws attaching the side panels to the body of the case. The left side panel of the case features a large plastic window with a tinted, removable section that shields the power supply and bottom mounted hard drive bays from view. The right side of the case uses a plain, solid metal panel.

On the bottom of the case, there is an easily removable dust filter and two full-width feet with rubber pads to reduce vibration transfer to one’s floor or desk. The dust filter slides out from the rear of the case, which some might find inconvenient with a system inside. In part, that’s because the hefty steel construction of the MasterCase Pro 6 ends up weighing about 26 pounds, or 11.7 kg.

Here are the MasterCase Pro 6's key specifications in convenient tabular form:

  Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6
Type ATX mid-tower
Dimensions (W x H x D) 9.3" x 21.4" x 21.6"  (235 x 548 x 544 mm)
Supported motherboards Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX
3.5" drive mounts 5 2.5"/3.5" combo bays
2.5" drive mounts 2 dedicated
5.25" drive bays 2
Fan mounts 3 120-mm or 140-mm front fans
2 120-mm or 140-mm top fans
1 120-mm or 140-mm rear fan
Radiator mounts Front radiators up to 240 mm or 280 mm long
Top radiators up to 240 mm or 280 mm long
1 120-mm or 140-mm rear radiator
Included fans 2x 140-mm front fans
1x 140-mm rear fan
Front panel I/O 2x USB 3.0
Max. graphics card length 16.22" (412 mm) without hard drive cages
11.7" (296 mm) with hard drive cages
Max. CPU cooler height 7.48" (190 mm)

The MasterCase Pro 6 goes for $159.99 on Newegg right now, in line with Cooler Master's other high-end MasterCases. In absolute terms, though, $160 is a lot for a case these days. Let's dive inside and see whether the Pro 6 lives up to its lofty price tag.