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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is a new title for TR. We may or may not end up using it regularly, but while playing it lately I was struck by the beauty of some of the vistas in the game. EA and Dice put the first-rate Frostbite Engine to work in this game with some stellar visual effects. In fact, in a post-release patch, the company added a special "Hyper" preset to the options specifically to make use of high-end graphics processors like the GeForce GTX 1080. We tested the game at 2560x1440 on the "Hyper" preset. In this parkour action game, there are pre-set time trial events called "dashes" scattered across the game world. We ran the dash called "A Handy Shortcut" without taking the aforementioned shortcut to get about a minute of play time out of the event.

We wouldn't make too much of the slightly higher average framerate on the EN1080K, because two different testers performed this benchmark on two different machines halfway across the country. What's more important is that both machines deliver nearly the same 99th-percentile time. The "Hyper" preset in Catalyst is incredibly demanding despite the stylistically-simplistic geometry of the game's play area, and it put the hurt on both machines.

Both machines performed within the bounds of our expectations in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. As with Doom, both machines dipped slightly below 60 FPS briefly, but neither fell to 30 FPS or worse. While not as silky-smooth as Doom, the game is eminently playable on the EN1080K at these settings, and the City of Glass looks pretty awesome. Once again, don't make too much of the results here; the difference in performance is as like to represent some variation in our testing scenario as it is difference in the hardware. If this game becomes a more frequent member of our test suite, we'll have to devise a more reliable sequence.