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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (DX11)
With its rich and geometrically complex environments, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided can prove a challenge for any CPU at high enough refresh rates. We applied our preferred recipe of in-game settings to put the squeeze on the CPU and got to it.

Deus Ex gives all of our Intel CPUs a chance to shine versus the red team's competitors. Neither the i9-7960X or the i9-7980XE take the top spot, but they still deliver higher performance than AMD's chips do. The Core i7-7820X's spikiness continues to be bad enough to drop its 99th-percentile frame time performance back with the Ryzens, even though its average-FPS figure suggests a fine experience.

None of our contenders leave the graphics card waiting for work long enough to cause substantial time spent beyond 16.7 ms. Even at the 8.3-ms threshold, the i9-7960X, i9-7980XE, and the i7-7820X all hold up the graphics card for about half as long as the Ryzen chips do. That fine performance continues at the 6.94-ms mark. Even with its unusual spikiness, the i7-7820X is hardly delivering a bad time.