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We were quite taken with Adata's weather-resistant SD700 when it graced our test bench, but that drive couldn't compete with the incredible speeds and absurdly small footprint of Samsung's T5 portables. With the SE730H, however, Adata has closed the performance gap.

The SE730H combines all the advantages of the SD700—dust, water, and shock resistance—in a package that's every bit as compact, elegant, and fast as the Portable SSD T5 family. The only thing we might still complain about is that the SE730H isn't available in high-capacity formats yet. A 1TB version may be in the works, but for now, shoppers looking for a terabyte or more of USB 3.1 Gen 2 goodness will have to stick to Samsung's latest and greatest.

Speaking of shopping, the SE730H doesn't appear to be listed online quite yet. Adata's suggested prices are $160 for the 256GB drive and $260 for the 512GB version. That's substantially more than the $130 of the Portable SSD T5 250GB or the $200 Samsung asks for the Portable SSD T5 500GB. If your portable storage is going to live an unexciting life being shuttled between offices, the T5 is a no-brainer. But for the more intrepid, outdoorsy data-hoarder, perhaps a 20-30% markup isn't too dear for holding fast against the elements.

In summary, the SE730H is better in every way than the last Adata external we reviewed. It's smaller, lighter, and faster, all while retaining the same ruggedness. Its speeds are on par with Samsung's latest and greatest. While Adata's suggested prices are a bit steep, we think they're reasonable ask for the combination of speed and features that the SE730H offers. If the drive's street prices end up closer to the T5's, it will be a slam dunk. We're happy to extend a provisional TR Recommended award to the SE730H family as a result.TR

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