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Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V can still put the hurt on CPUs as well as graphics cards, so we ran through our usual test run with all of the game's settings turned all the way up (save for MSAA and extended distance scaling) at 1920x1080. Unlike most of the games we've tested so far, GTA V favors a single thread or two heavily, and there's no way around it with Vulkan or DirectX 12.

Let's face it: Grand Theft Auto V is getting up there in years. Its original code base dates back to 2013, and its PC release is a little over two years old at this point. Unlike Crysis 3's forward-looking friendliness to many-core chips, GTA V still needs an extremely fast single thread to extract maximum performance at our test settings. That might explain why the i7-7700K takes the top stock-clocked spot in this benchmark.

Put the spurs in, however, and the i7-8700K finds an incredible second wind by delivering a 15% higher average frame rate than even the i7-7700K. The overclocked Ryzen 7 1700 can't keep up with those frame rates, even if its 99th-percentile frame time is still quite respectable in this company.

Starting our time-spent-beyond analysis at the 8.3-ms mark, the Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake chips spend barely a couple of tenths of a second holding up the GTX 1080 Ti here. Again, if you want 120 FPS or better virtually all of the time, Intel's latest cores deliver. The overclocked Ryzen 7 1700 would otherwise lead the pack, but it logs over three seconds of time past 8.3 ms where Kaby and Coffee don't.

What's really illuminating is how these chips behave past the 6.94-ms mark. The Core i7-7700K's lower core count seemingly lets it log less time spent beyond this mark against the stock-clocked i7-8700K, but the extra-caffeinated Coffee spends less than a second on frames that take 6.94 ms or more to produce over the course of our entire one-minute test run. That's the kind of performance where I'm tempted to start throwing words like "perfect" around, even though that's technically not the case.

With 11 seconds spent beyond 6.94 ms, the Ryzen 7 1700 in overclocked form is the next-best thing going in our group, but it's a distant, distant fourth place. Coffee and Kaby are the clear champions of high refresh rates and smooth gameplay all at once in GTA V.