review scaling raven ridge with david kanter the tr podcast 191

Scaling Raven Ridge with David Kanter: The TR Podcast 191

Duration: 2:07:59

Hosted by: Jeff Kampman

Special guest: David Kanter


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This episode of The Tech Report Podcast is sponsored by Aerocool. Aerocool Advanced Technologies Corp., a leading PC gaming hardware and accessories design company, recently announced the launch of P7-L240 – Project 7’s RGB ready closed loop liquid cooling system.


The unit comes with translucent fans and transparent pump casing, allowing builders to fully appreciate the 16.8 million colors and effects that will make their systems stand out. Furthermore, the P7-L240 can achieve an excellent cooling capacity of 380W TDP for overclocked CPUs and demanding high-end desktop systems.


Check out the video below for a look at Aerocool’s Project 7 products and visit Aerocool’s Project 7 site for more information.

Show notes
The Tech Report Podcast returns with Editor-in-Chief Jeff Kampman and esteemed guest David Kanter on the line. We hold a wide-ranging discussion of fairly recent happenings in the world of PC hardware revolving around results from our review of AMD’s Ryzen 5 2500U mobile APU (code-named Raven Ridge). 

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  1. You know…I really appreciate that feedback. Next time, you know, I’ll try and do better 🙂 Seriously, it’s always a work in progress and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Yeah I do SoundCloud too, even if it is the most horrible app in existence since it can’t seem to just give me a simple enough link to the authors audio list or keep my place after pausing for more than 10 minutes. Also uses a lot of power on my phone and is regularly called out on that fact by my OnePlus’ battery saver.

    But yeah… I use SoundCrap too.

  3. I know you guys are already full of work, but have you thought about uploading these on youtube or soundcloud? Those are the places I go to for podcasts.

  4. Yeah, in all fairness they do say “you know” a million times during this podcast. Nevertheless, it is full of nice insights by David.

  5. Hey guys! It’s uhmmm, you know, a podcast! The most awesomest thing. It’s about Raven Ridge you know? And how TDP is you know different between Intel and AMD you know…

  6. Nice podcast as usual!
    One note about your general conclusions related to Raven Ridge. LaptopMag tested the same Envy X360 laptop with AMD/Intel chips and the takeaway, given the same battery, chassis, screen, TDP is that AMD is a little bit better on CPU side and on battery life. Graphics, as expected is much better than Intel IGP. [url<][/url<] So, in the end, what David said about waiting for an apples to apples comparison is true. You cannot draw conclusions by comparing different systems from different OEMs related to differences in efficiency and performance of Intel and AMD solutions.