Video: We build the ultimate AMD video-editing PC

With a little help from our friends

A good friend of mine, Stephen Georg, who runs the YouTube channels StephenPlays (with over 150,000 subscribers) and StephenVlog (with over 60,000 subscribers), recently came to me with a problem. Another mutual friend of ours, Dan Settembrini, is a video editor by trade, and he helps Stephen produce content for his channels.

Dan's editing rig, a mid-2010 Mac Pro with the base quad-core CPU and Radeon HD 5770, has really started to show its age in 2018. Stephen was curious whether I had any parts on my personal shelves that we could use to build Dan a new system. We went one better and worked with AMD, Gigabyte, G.Skill, Samsung, Fractal Design, Western Digital, and Antec to build Dan a video-editing PC for the ages.

Best of all, we took Dan totally by surprise.

We'll be publishing a follow-up article in the coming days with more details of our build and its benefits for Dan's workflow, but for now, enjoy our video chronicle of the experience. Our thanks to AMD and all of our other sponsors for making this awesome build happen.

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