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Echogear's single-screen and dual-screen monitor arms reviewed

Let's get flexible, flexible

Some years ago, I bought a pair of monitor arms. I'd picked up one of those IKEA Jerker desks and wanted to suspend the monitors in mid-air, like something out of a 90s or early-2000s hacker movies where the person types way too fast to navigate a 3D file interface without a mouse. I used that configuration for years, but getting everything set up just right ended up being kind of a nightmare. The arms were heavy and tough to move around. Worse, if I had to take them off for some reason, getting them back in place was a nightmare. I eventually removed them and just used the monitors' built-in stands.

Echogear's dual-arm mount

When Echogear asked whether we might look at some of its monitor arms, though, it got me curious. Has the technology behind monitor arms improved since six or seven years ago? A short visit to the Echogear home office—located in my home base of Minneapolis, Minnesota—ended with me taking home two of the company's monitor arms to set up in my home environment and compare with my existing gear. Back then, I was working with two monitors. These days I'm running three, for reasons I can't really justify even to myself. To fit my config, Echogear sent me home with two pieces of hardware: a gas-spring dual-arm mount plus a single-arm unit.

Echogear's single-arm unit

A monitor mount should be about function first. Despite its claim that these mounts are aimed at the "gaming" market, Echogear resisted the temptation to clad them in LEDs or bright-red finishes—a move that will endear them to users of all stripes, not just those who might sit on an esports stage. They're just chunks of black steel, and they disappear into the background of an office like they should. Out of the box, the mounts feel heavy and well-made. The parts that move do so with buttery smoothness, and you won't find a sharp edge anywhere. As with any weight-bearing system, however, it's hard to say how these features of the mounts will hold up without much more time with them.