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HP gives Ryzen Pro APUs Elite homes

HP's EliteBook and ProBook models with Ryzen Pro APUs inside broke cover last week, but they aren't the only systems with those chips inside. HP will also offer a couple of EliteDesk desktop systems with Ryzen Pro APUs, as well.

The EliteBook family will make up the top end of HP's mobile Ryzen Pro offerings. Buyers will be able to get just the slice of mobile power they want in the 13.3" EliteBook 735, the 14" EliteBook 745, and the 15.6" EliteBook 755. As the highest-end HP business notebooks available, these PCs will get privacy features like webcam shutters and HP's Sure View integrated privacy screens to prevent shoulder-surfing of passwords and other valuable information. The EliteBook series cements its high-end status with narrow-border IPS screens covered with Corning Gorilla Glass.

HP will also offer a ProBook series of Ryzen Pro systems for businesses that want a more affordable stepping stone to AMD-powered mobile PCs. These machines will have slightly thicker chassis and wider bezels than their EliteBook cousins, and they won't have the optional Sure View privacy screen.

HP also showed off the Elitedesk 700 Mini. This system crams a full-fat 65-W Ryzen APU and an optional Radeon RX 560 discrete graphics chip into a box that displaces one liter—even smaller than the Hades Canyon NUC we recently reviewed. Even though it can easily hide behind a display, this Elitedesk PC can drive up to seven monitors between its discrete and integrated outputs.