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The usefulness of Javascript benchmarks for comparing browser performance may be on the wane, but these collections of tests are still a fine way of demonstrating the real-world single-threaded performance differences among CPUs.

The 2700's performance across all of our Javascript results shows a marked improvement compared to its pokey predecessor. The 2700's improved latency characteristics and 400-MHz-higher peak clock speed versus the Ryzen 7 1700 lead to a lower-power chip that's not delivering single-threaded performance reminiscent of Intel CPUs circa 2011.


The WebXPRT 3 benchmark is meant to simulate some realistic workloads one might encounter in web browsing. It's here primarily as a counterweight to the more synthetic microbenchmarking tools above.

Weirdly enough, WebXPRT doesn't seem to benefit from the Ryzen 7 2700's improvements in the same way that our other Javascript benchmarks do at stock clocks. Crank the chip to 4.2 GHz, though, and the 2700 turns into the best Ryzen performer of this bunch.