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All the RTX 2000-series Max-Q laptops

RTX 2070 Max-Q, RTX 2080 Max-Q abound

Sometimes we just want to be able to play graphically potent video games somewhere other than our desks. To address this gaming vs. travel conundrum, Nvidia and partners have developed high-end RTX Max-Q gaming laptop designs. From the CES 2019 stage, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the company's mobile graphics lineup. He said there are 40+ laptops getting the RTX treatment, and of those, 17 would be Max-Q designs. We went on a hunt for all 17.

The Max-Q program first rolled out back at Computex 2017 with GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060 options for gaming laptops. The idea is that you get close to the graphics firepower of the full cards, but with some things dialed down to meet a certain "peak efficiency" mark. This enabled thin and light laptop designs that are still able to adequately cool that high-end hardware.

Based on the new 2000 series of Turing GPUs, this crop of powerful but thin gaming laptops packs the same number of cores as their desktop brethren, yet they're relatively thin and light (18-20mm). Keep in mind these graphics cards are clocked lower, but regardless, they should still push out some serious pixels. These blinged-out machines have an RTX 2080 Max-Q or 2070 Max-Q card paired with either an eighth- or ninth-gen Intel CPU. 

One great big wildcard in this search is that we're unsure if Nvidia considers variations on Clevo shells to be individual "designs" or not. It's also unclear how multiple SKUs that are closely related, like Dell's G series and Gigabyte's pair, count towards the total. We definitely found more than 17, depending on how the above is qualified. Rather than worry too much about semantics, here's the full list of 20-series Max-Q laptops that we've found.