Teamwork: The Software That’s Changing the Project Management Landscape

Collaboration in the workplace is at an all-time high. As more companies realize that teamwork is essential for business success, efforts are being made to promote it. If you’re like me, you might have always preferred to work with a team and rely on each other’s strengths to get things done. For other individuals and organizations, this is much harder to get accustomed to.

No matter which of these two demographics you identify with, project management software is a solution for boosting productivity and cooperation in the workplace. At the forefront of this technologic movement is Teamwork, a project management software whose name speaks for itself. It has the tools you need to get your team working on all cylinders.

Some businesses are making the jump to project management software due to unforeseen circumstances. This can include everything from the addition of freelance workers to cutting costs by transitioning employees out of the office. And, of course, a global pandemic such as COVID-19 can force your company to adapt. Whatever it is, Teamwork can help keep business running as usual.

Why Project Management Software?

Just a year ago, only 22 percent of companies reported using project management software to help maximize their productivity. More and more businesses are making the switch, including more than 20,000 that swear by Teamwork’s services. 

Project management can be difficult to handle alone. Project management software takes the work off your shoulders so you can focus on the fine-tuning. Technology allows you to automate workflows to get things done, even after you’ve logged off for the day, and it frees up time for tasks that require a human touch. It also improves communication between managers and employees, shortening the gap that can stifle effective collaboration.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The features that Teamwork provides will solve problems you didn’t even know you had. Some of its most prominent features include:


Every company manages projects differently, so a one-size-fits-all program might not be the right choice for you. Teamwork gives you control of how you run its software, so it can be customized to fit right into the grooves of your company’s workflow. 

Teamwork offers a number of templates to choose from. This allows you to simplify your workflows and reduce errors as you go through your project management process. These templates can be tailored to fit your project and its needs. As you tweak and improve the template you’ve designed, it will automate repetitive work, allowing projects to be completed efficiently.


Workplace transparency is a valuable part of company culture. It’s easier to cultivate honesty and communication in the workplace when there’s a noticeable effort to increase transparency through visibility. Free-flowing communication and information is a big part of making this happen.

For project managers, Teamwork’s Workload feature gives you an in-depth look at your employees’ capacity. This is especially useful when working with freelancers or remote teammates who can’t be monitored in person. Teamwork provides data through Workload so you can see how much work is being taken on by each individual employee. This is helpful when surprise tasks arise that need to be dealt with promptly. You can refer to Workload to see which team members have the capacity to take on these assignments without being overloaded.

Centralized Information

It’s much easier to collaborate when everything is organized in the same place. So much time is wasted locating documents and asking around for the information that’s missing. With Teamwork, that’s no longer a worry. The platform focuses on enabling communication and using project management software to save you the headache of organizing and reorganizing again and again.

Teamwork has features like Notebooks, Files, and Links that allow you to store important information for each project, making it easy for team members to reference it. That can include things like logins, statements of purpose, design files, etc. 

There’s also a Board View to speed up the flow of projects and maximize productivity. Use these boards to lay out your project, with the steps required to complete it. This acts as a central location for all information related to said project. These boards can also be customized to relay and display information exactly how you want it.

Constant Communication

With remote teams or freelancers, the biggest struggle is staying in contact. A lack of communication can cause details to slip through the cracks, which can set back projects and affect their quality. Teamwork wants to keep you connected and up-to-date by using chats to stay in touch.

Teamwork’s instant messaging tool builds a culture of transparency while helping improve productivity. It does a lot more than just provide a channel for sending text messages; it also:

  • Allows you to create channels for specific groups or functions.
  • Offers a search feature to locate important messages.
  • Employs file sharing to keep important documents in one place.
  • Integrates with other Teamwork software to keep your workflow steady.

If this hasn’t convinced you already, visit Teamwork’s site to try out its project management software for free. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, this might just be the product for you.

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