AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera: Ready For All Types of Adventures

I’ve been wanting to get an action camera that would go with me and the family on all of our adventures. However, the price of most was not in the range of what I wanted to spend for a camera I would just use occasionally. I can appreciate that brands like GoPro charge what they do for all their gadgetry. But, I was looking for something at a lower price point with some bells and whistles. I found it in the AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera. It’s a portable camera that can help me capture both video and photos. Here is my review of this action camera designed to work outdoors.

Features and Functionality

Although it’s a lower-priced action camera, it doesn’t seem to be budget when it comes to features and functionality. It has a two-inch LCD touchscreen, voice and remote control, WiFi capability, electronic image stabilization 2.0, 8x digital zoom, and adjustable view angle.

The action camera also features a self-timer, driving mode, time-lapse video and special effects, loop recording, motion detection, and adjustable white balance.

The waterproof case lets you dive up to 30m/98ft and provide protection from rocks, dust, and scratches.

Another feature I like is the AKASO DV app, which is free and available for download on your phone or tablet. You can review and manage the images or videos from the action camera on-the-go.

Pros and Cons 

Beyond the long list of features that make this seem like a more expensive camera than it is, the actual camera unit has a premium feel with nice finishes and overall design. The buttons and touchscreen also feel like this is a more advanced camera.

The accessories have a similar higher quality look and feel. Plus, most of these accessories are actually compatible with other action cameras, including GoPro.

Besides the quality and value, I like that it is easy to use, including all the accessories and attachments. It’s also good that it has USB-C capability.

The 4K video is amazing as is the number of ways you can mount the camera to capture the action.

If I was to suggest any improvements to this nifty little, yet powerful, camera, it would be to make the voice control feature really good and reliable or just don’t offer it. Also, on my wish list would be 4k video at 60 fps. This is an option on pricier action cameras, so I may not be entirely realistic with that request.

Although recommended, a Micro SD card is not included so you would have to purchase separately for extended memory capability.

In the Box

The AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera comes with a 2.4 Ghz remote, two 1350 mAh Batteries and a charger, a waterproof case, a bicycle stand, seven different mounts, two clips, a helmet mount, a bandage, five tethers, an extra waterproof door, and a USB cable.

Where to Buy

Priced at between $100 and $120, you can find the AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera on sites like Amazon.

Final Thoughts on AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera

For a lower cost action camera, the waterproof AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera is impressive in terms of what it can do. This is the ideal budget action camera for those seeking adventure once-in-awhile.

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7 months ago

Can you explain to me how you tested this? How’s the video quality? Sound quality? Literally anything that would constitute a review instead of a regurgitation of the product feature list without any substance?

6 months ago
Reply to  Waco

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