Top Portable Green Screens of the Past Year

For many, the Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call. When students, employees, teachers, and management alike were unable to come into the office, people had to learn to adapt. Classroom sessions and in-person meetings were replaced with Zoom calls. Standard 9-5 hours disappeared in favor of more flexible work from home schedules. And thanks to these pandemic changes, we are now seeing new technologies that lead to lasting impacts. One such technology, portable green screens, is changing the way that people think about work.

Digital Nomads

One of the largest benefactors of portable green screens is what people are now referring to as “digital nomads.” Put simply, a digital nomad is someone who works without the constraints of a physical office. Digital nomads can travel freely about and still stay connected to their work through the internet.

Previously, digital nomads were relatively limited by the constraints of their job. With recent changes brought upon by the pandemic, we are seeing a massive spike in digital nomads as people and employers alike take advantage of new technologies like portable green screens. Workers are able to work seamlessly while traveling, and can still partake in meetings thanks to applications like Zoom. Thanks to developments of these new technologies, like portable green screens, digital nomads can work remotely easier than ever before. 

What is a Portable Green Screen?

Before we go any further, we should first discuss what a portable green screen is. As the name implies, it is a green screen that is easily movable and convenient to quickly set up. With one, remote workers can ensure that they provide clear picture quality and resolution when participating in virtual meetings. Remote workers can freely travel to and work from a park or other venue without detracting from the effectiveness of the meeting. While portable green screens can be an asset to anyone looking to work remotely, others use them for something entirely different.

Some content creators are taking advantage of portable green screens to make some really interesting and funny content. One such content creator, TikToker Frankie Lapenna, has one of the most creative uses of a portable green screen. By no means is he the only content creator taking advantage of these, but he provides here just one example of the freedom they can provide. Whether you are a digital nomad, an aspiring content creator, or simply looking for a way to upgrade your remote work, a portable green screen may be right for you. These are our top ones of the past year.

Arozzi Green Screen

The Arozzi portable green screen is a great lower-budget option. It features a wide, rectangular screen, and a lightweight collapsible base. The green screen starts at $99.99 and is a great option for easy mobility. The base is a bit flimsy and can break when put under force, but all in all, this is a great option.

AFHT Portable Green Screen 

With pricing of under $70, the AFHT portable green screen is one of the best cheap options available. Upon purchase, users will receive the green screen, with one green side and one blue, as well as the stand. The screens are 5’x7’ and are easily foldable for easy transport. This is a great budget option.

Elgato Green Screen

Our next choice is one of the best options available for gaming content creators. If you are looking to become a gaming YouTuber or streamer, then it’s likely you’ve heard of Elgato. As one of the top names in the game capture industry, Elgato’s green screen is a great choice. With an aluminum case and an easy pop-up design, the Elgato green screen has some of the easiest set-ups. The product also features durable, high-quality materials that lead to it being a bit heavier. At $159.99, this is one of the top portable green screens on the market.

Neewer Collapsible Backdrop

Last but not least is the Neewer collapsible backdrop. Like the AFHT screen, this product can be found on Amazon and has a similar oval design. In most ways, the two products are very similar, but at $85.99 users receive a slightly higher material quality when choosing Neewer as compared to the AFHT backdrop. Each of these products is a great option, it’s up to you to choose the best option for yourself.

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