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Memory bandwidth

Memory bandwidth can often be a determining factor for overall system performance, but as you can see, the Folding@Home client has no apparent impact on available memory bandwidth in either of our test systems.

Business performance

Business Winstone performance should be especially important for businesses since it tests performance in word processing, email, and web browsing applications. Oddly enough, our high-end system actually scores a little better with the Folding@Home running in the background, but the score delta is within the margin of error. Our low-end system scores a little lower with Folding@Home running than without, but again, the difference is small enough to chalk up to the margin of error. Really, half a point in Business Winstone is nothing to get too excited about.

In last year's Content Creation Winstone, the Folding@Home systems are a little slower, and the difference in performance here is a little bigger than what we saw with the Business Winstone test. Still, it's a close race.

The performance gap between the systems with and without the Folding client is even smaller in this year's edition of Content Creation Winstone.