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Antec's Lanboy case

A perfect LAN party companion?

Manufacturer Antec
Model Lanboy
Price (street) US$100
Availability Now

ANTEC HAS BEEN building enthusiast-oriented cases for quite some time. Indeed, their Performance line of workstation cases have housed some of the more impressive high-performance rigs I've seen, and even built, over the years.

While Antec's Performance line has been and still is a standard of sorts for full tower workstations, the cases aren't light, they aren't small, and they're not particularly portable. Shiny, lightweight aluminum cases are all the rage at LAN parties these days because of how easy they are to lug around and because they don't come in beige. They're hip. They're cool. And stuff.

For the LAN party crowd, Antec has introduced the Lanboy, an aluminum mini-tower that packs a window, lights, and a sweet power supply into a lightweight package only 17" tall, 17" deep, and 8" wide. The Lanboy is shorter than Mini-Me, lighter than a case of beer, and costs less than most men spend on Valentine's Day. But does Antec's new Lanboy have any business housing a high-performance LAN gaming system? Is it appropriate for more than just the LAN gaming niche? Let's find out.

First impressions
Who am I kidding? For a case, external appearance matters. If it didn't, our systems would all be built up in boring beige boxes.

Never mind.

On to the Lanboy.

Antec's Lanboy

At first glance, the Lanboy looks pretty slick, but let's take a closer look at this aluminum-skinned flyweight to be sure our first impressions aren't mistaken.