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Shuttle's SB52G2 mini-barebones system

The more the merrier

SINCE THE RELEASE OF Shuttle's first XPC cube system, the SV24, the mini-barebones systems have been a big hit. Newer models in the line, with features like an AGP slot and the near-silent I.C.E. cooling system, have achieved even greater success. In the process, the cubes have been adapted into roles that even Shuttle hadn't considered upon the systems' introduction.

An example of this is Los Alamos National Laboratories, which recently implemented a server cluster using three hundred SS51G cubes. Perhaps as a reaction to this, Shuttle has created a new model of XPC, the SB52G2. This model will have two incarnations, one designed as a low-cost corporate desktop, the other as a server or cluster node, complete with dual NICs, one of them gigabit. Read on for details on the latest in the XPC line.

SS51G cluster at Los Alamos