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Introduction — continued

ModelAtlas 10K IV
Price (147GB)US$873
Maxtor's Atlas 10K IV
The weight of the world on SCSI's shoulders

Maxtor's Atlas 10K IV is the latest addition to its 10K-RPM SCSI line. There's nothing particularly interesting about the drive's external appearance, which is to be expected. Hard drives, whether they are Serial ATA, IDE, or SCSI, all tend to look the same.

For the visually inclined, here are a couple of shots of the drive:

Weighing in with 147GB of storage space packed onto four platters, the Atlas 10K IV is a beast. For those that don't need quite as much space, the Atlas 10K IV is available in 37 and 73GB capacities with fewer platters. All drives in the Atlas 10K IV family come with 8MB of cache, just like the "special edition" IDE drives that are all the rage these days.

Maxtor is quick to point out that the Atlas is featured in systems offered by Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Gateway, and Sun—a testament to the drive's reliability. The Atlas 10K IV carries with it a 5-year warranty and a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 1,200,000 hours.