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Tyan's Tachyon G9600 Pro graphics card

Dual DVI gets game

ModelTachyon G9600 Pro
Price (estimated)US$195

I'VE BEEN waiting for a dual DVI card based on an ATI graphics chip for a long, long time. ATI's workstation-class FireGL line has long been available with dual DVI output ports, but I've been looking for something at a more "mainstream" price point that will run dual digital flat panels. For years I've whined about the dearth of dual-DVI options, and now it appears Tyan may have been listening.

To satiate digital LCD fans, a version of Tyan's new Tachyon G9600 Pro will be available with dual DVI output ports. But there's more to the Tachyon G9600 Pro than just dual DVI. Unlike most graphics card manufacturers, Tyan's take on ATI's 0.13-micron Radeon 9600 Pro has a little extra flavor in the form of a tweaked board layout, a variable speed fan, a gargantuan heat sink, and a hardware monitoring and overclocking utility.

Tachyon G9600 Pro practically cries out for overclocking. We've indulged those cries and benchmarked the card's stock and overclocked configurations in a stack of real world game tests against a GeForce FX. How high can we overclock the Tachyon G9600 Pro, and what kind of performance does it offer? Let's find out.

The specs
Before getting into the specifics of the Tachyon G9600 Pro, it's worth taking a quick peek at the card's specs. You can read more about the attributes of the RV350 GPU in our review of the Radeon 9600 Pro, and you can see how the Tachyon G9600 Pro's fill rates and memory bandwidth compare to the competition in our graphics comparison table.

Core clock400MHz
Pixel pipelines4
Peak pixel fill rate1600 Mpixels/s
Texture units/pixel pipeline1
Textures per clock4
Peak texel fill rate1600 Mtexels/s
Memory clock600MHz
Memory typeHynix BGA GDDR SDRAM
Memory bus width128-bit
Peak memory bandwidth9.6GB/s
PortsVGA, DVI, and S-Video outputs
(version available with dual DVI ports)
Auxiliary power connectorNone

Apart from potential differences in output port options, cards based on the same graphics chip tend to offer identical specifications. However, there's more to the Tachyon G9600 Pro than its spec sheet reveals. Let's unpack the card and take a closer look.

Tyan looking sexy, for a change