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Ahanix's SilenX 400W

Manufacturer Ahanix
Model SilenX 400W
Price (street) US$99
Availability Now
Ahanix's SilenX is probably the most spartan power supply in this comparison, which makes it a good place to start. Power supplies don't necessarily need frills or bundles to complete the package, so the SilenX should be OK without them, so long as its performance and price are competitive.

Aesthetically, there's not much to see with the SilenX; it looks like, well, a power supply.

The SilenX has an external power switch, which a surprising number of power supply manufacturers seem to leave out. A single 80mm fan cools the unit and generates a scant 14 decibels of noise, according to Ahanix. We'll see in a moment just how quiet this power supply is when it's running in a complete system.

To make up for its single-fan design, Ahanix gives the SilenX plenty of internal venting. Without a second fan, the SilenX should be quieter than dual-fan power supplies. However, the SilenX's single fan may have to spin faster than a pair of fans working together might, possibly generating more noise in the process.

As far as cables go, the SilenX is complete but not extravagant. Cables are 20 inches long, which should definitely be long enough for most applications and cases, but may be a little short for double-wide or full-tower cases with hard drive racks near the bottom. The SilenX 400W offers six four-pin Molex connectors and a single floppy plug in addition to a full set of motherboard power connectors. None of the SilenX cables are sheathed, but they're all zip-tied to reduce tangling.