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The card
The Millennium P750's small size is easily its most striking feature. Notice how the board isn't any longer than a standard AGP slot.

Matrox uses 64MB worth of K4D263238A-GC33 BGA memory chips from Samsung rated for operation all the way up to 300MHz, though it's doubtful they're clocked nearly that high on the card. Even the retail Parhelia's memory chips are only clocked at 275MHz (550MHz DDR).

The P750 GPU is cooled by a tiny active heat sink. I honestly didn't expect to find a fan on the card. I can't imagine the GPU generates more heat than NVIDIA's GeForce FX 5200, which gets away with only passive cooling. Since the Millennium P750 is targeted at business environments where passive cooling is preferred for its silent operation and lack of failure-prone moving parts, I'd have much rather seen the card equipped with a larger, but passive, cooler.

Dual DVI output ports bristle from the Millennium P750's back plate, ready to drive a pair of digital flat panels. Dating back to the G550, Matrox has traditionally been the only game in town for those who wanted dual DVI outputs on a consumer-level graphics card, but the competition is slowly catching up. Tyan almost introduced a dual DVI version of its Tachyon G9600 Pro before changing its mind, and Asus and Gainward both have GeForce FX 5600 cards with dual DVI output ports. Gainward has also offered a dual-DVI GeForce4 Ti 4600 in the past, and I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before dual DVI becomes standard for mid-range and high-end consumer graphics cards.

On the workstation front, dual DVI ports are far more common. Even NVIDIA's low-end NV17-based Quadros are available with dual DVI output ports, so the P750 doesn't stand out as much among workstation cards.

Matrox ships the Millennium P750 with a set of video adapters that manipulate the card's two DVI outputs to feed all manner of one, two, and three-screen configurations. There are no actual video cables included with the card, which is a little disappointing considering its price.