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Serious Sam SE
I used Serious Sam SE's "Extreme quality" add-on to create a relatively level playing field across all cards. Since the "Extreme quality" add-on automatically turns up anisotropic filtering as high as any given card will go, I disabled anisotropic filtering and ran the tests with trilinear filtering only. We'll look at the Millennium P750's anisotropic filtering capabilities in a moment.

The Millennium P750 can only beat the G550 in Serious Sam SE, but it comes close to nipping the GeForce FX 5200 at high resolutions.

Just because we can, let's take a look at the Millennium P750's performance across the length of the benchmark demo.

The Millennium P750 doesn't display any alarming performance dips across the length of our benchmark demo, which is good. Still, I wouldn't want to play at any resolution higher than 1024x768. Go any higher than that, and the P750 just can't deliver playable frame rates.