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ShaderMark 2.0
ShaderMark 2.0 is brand new and includes some anti-cheat measures to prevent drivers from applying questionable optimizations. The Radeons run the benchmark with straight pixel shader 2.0 code, but I've included results for the GeForce FX with partial-precision and extended pixel shaders, as well.

The Radeons are in a class all their own in ShaderMark 2.0, and the GeForce FX 5600 Ultra's performance is nothing short of embarrassing. The FX is way behind the Radeons across the board, and refuses to cooperate with a number of the shader tests.

Focusing on the Radeons, the 9600 XT is about 20% faster than the 9600 Pro, which nicely matches the 20% core clock speed difference between the two cards.