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Checking out the pearly whites
Let's take a quick photo tour around the SB75S and check it out.

The SB75S contemplates the meaning of existence

Next to the SN41G2, the SB75S looks wider and, er, more tranquil

Note that, unlike most XPCs, there is no reset button on the SB75S. The only two buttons on the front are the power button and the optical drive eject. You'll have to power down the box in order to reset it.

The worst feature of the SB75S is probably that godawful blue Shuttle sticker. I'll be peeling it off this one soon, but I left it on for photos, since Shuttle sent it that way.

Update: Shuttle informs me that most SB75S systems will not ship with this lovely sticker. Phew. Less peelin'.

In different light, the texture of the pearl white metallic finish is more visible

A couple of shots of the metallic pearlescent finish for you

The finish extends to the plastic front face of the enclosure

The cover panel swings down to reveal audio jacks, a pair of USB ports, and a Firewire port

Yep, it's all XPC around back

The pearlescent cover wraps around and hugs the underside of the case