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An updated System Utility
To mark the Ultra 400Gb's release, NVIDIA has rolled out an updated version of its System Utility software. NVIDIA's System Utility had humble beginnings as an overclocking tool that offered basic BIOS tweaking options, but it's morphed into a considerably more powerful program.

For new users, the System Utility offers a basic set of overclocking and system monitoring features. The interface makes it easy to adjust memory timings, bus speeds, and voltages while keeping an eye on CPU and system temperatures.

Savvier users can dig a deeper with the System Utility's "advanced" interface, which offers control over additional overclocking and tweaking options. Of course, it's up to motherboard makers to implement special BIOS hooks that let the System Utility manipulate BIOS-level variables. Enthusiast-oriented boards are likely to include support for the System Utility's more advanced features, but low-end boards may not.

Finally, the System Utility will tell you just about everything you might want to know about a system's processor, memory, motherboard, and driver versions. For enthusiasts who know exactly what they're running, the info screen probably won't be of much use. However, it could be a handy tool for remote troubleshooting.