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Beyond the BYOC
In between the BYOC and tourney areas is the network operations center (NOC). The NOC sits on a raised platform where EverLAN staffers run the show. Many of them have brought in their own personal PCs to act as servers for their game of choice, so the game admin expertise here is decidedly home-grown. The NOC is also the central hub of the massive EverLAN network, with the central concentrator switches and routers to shuffle traffic between the internal network segments and out to the Internet. As the hours roll on, EverLAN staffers announce wave after wave of informal tournaments, new server types, giveaways, and updates.

The network operations center

On either side of the NOC, activities abound. In the LoveSac lounge, folks are splayed about on massive bean bags watching the tournaments in X-box games Soul Calibur II and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. First prize in each: a five-foot-wide LoveSac to call your own.

The LoveSac lounge

Across the way, the sponsor area is populated by booths from the event's major sponsors. Abit is showcasing its latest motherboards, while Kingston pimps its high-performance HyperX memory inside of a glowing plexiglass PC. ATI shows off the Radeon X800 nestled into a very slick custom-modded Shuttle XPC.

Kingston's tricked-out HyperX showcase system

ATI's modded XPC