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Die size comparison

One of the most important factors in the overall success of these chips will be how much they cost to manufacture. Estimates of things like transistor counts tend to vary, but chip die size is the real question, especially since both the RV410 and NV43 will be manufactured by TSMC on its 110-nanometer chip fabrication process. ATI and NVIDIA don't like to divulge the die sizes of their chips, but it's fairly easy to determine once you have the cards in hand. At the right is a photograph of the NV43 and RV410, taken side by side. As you can see, the two chips appear to be just about the same size.

By my measurements, the RV410 is 13 mm wide and 12 mm tall, or 156 millimeters squared. The NV43 measures out to 12 mm wide and 13 mm tall—or darn near exactly the same size. That means that, despite their architectural differences, both chips should cost about the same to manufacture.

You may recall that the NV40 (also known as the GeForce 6800) is a little bit larger than the R420 (or Radeon X800). Apparently, NVIDIA has saved some die space on NV43.