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HD Tach
We tested HD Tach 3.01 with the benchmark's full variable zone size setting.

The Atlas 10K V rockets out of the gate and blows out its 10K-RPM competition in HD Tach's read and write speed tests. Our 15K-RPM drives can't keep up, either.

HD Tach isn't all roses for the Atlas 10K V, though. The drive's read burst speed score is slower than all the other SCSI drives we tested, including the Atlas 10K IV.

The Atlas 10K V's random access time is at least more competitive with other SCSI drives. There's a clear gap between 10K- and 15K-RPM drives, though.

HD Tach's CPU utilization scores are accurate to within +/- 2%, so all our scores are equal within the margin of error.