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Soltek has done a good job of laying out the SL-K890PRO-939, but digging into the board's BIOS reveals a couple of shortcomings.

The BIOS's overclocking options start off well enough, with HyperTransport link speeds available between 200 and 300MHz in 1MHz increments. Users can also lock the PCI Express bus between 100 and 150MHz and crank the CPU voltage up to 1.7V, which should keep most casual overclockers happy. CPU multiplier control even makes an appearance, but a lack of 0.5x multiplier steps will limit your ability to fine-tune the CPU clock speed.

The SL-K890PRO-939's memory tweaking options won't hold you back. While not the most extensive list of Athlon 64 memory timings we've seen in a BIOS, all of our favorites are there, including the all-important 1T command rate.

Unfortunately, all the memory timings in the world can't make up for the BIOS's glaring lack of fan or temperature-based alarm and shutdown conditions. The BIOS doesn't manipulate fan speeds based on CPU or system temperatures, either.

The SL-K890PRO-939's BIOS can at least monitor temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages, although it doesn't do much with that information. Monitoring data can be passed to a Soltek-branded Windows monitoring app, but users can't actually manipulate BIOS variables with the software.