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3dsmax 7 rendering
We tested 3ds max performance by rendering 20 frames of a sample scene at 320x240 resolution. This particular scene makes use of a motion-blur effect that requires extensive multi-pass rendering. We tried two different renderers: 3ds max's default scanline renderer and its built-in version of the mental ray renderer.

The default renderer performs very well on our quad-core Opteron 275 system, and once again, the Opteron 175 just edges out a pair of 248s.

Unfortunately, the mental ray renderer didn't like our dual Opteron 275 system. It refused to use all four cores to the full because the license for 3ds max's integrated version of mental ray will only use two processors, no more. AMD has been pushing software makers to do their licensing on a per-CPU rather than per-core basis, but some current workstation-class programs will probably present this sort of problem, at least until the licensing model for dual-core products is fully worked out and programs are updated.

With two threads, the dual Opteron 252s at 2.6GHz are fastest here. Once more, the Opteron 175 outdoes the dual 248s, as it does a pair of Xeons.