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IOMeter - ICH7R - Transaction rate
Now that we've compared the ICH7R and nForce4's performance at each RAID level, we're busting out a set of graphs that show how performance scales across different raid levels for each controller. Since CPU utilization was so low across the board, we've won't present those results again.

Our ICH7R scaling graphs show that RAID is really a no-brainer for multi-user environments. Even the two-drive arrays improve on single drive's performance by a significant margin, and the four-drive RAID 0's peak transaction rate is scary by comparison. Note that the RAID 5 arrays are much more competitive in the web server test, where they don't have to calculate parity for any write operations. It's also interesting to see comparatively strong performances by the mirrored arrays in the read-dominated web server test. Mirroring can improve read performance, after all.