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Ethernet performance
We evaluated Ethernet performance using the NTttcp tool from Microsoft's Windows DDK. The docs say this program "provides the customer with a multi-threaded, asynchronous performance benchmark for measuring achievable data transfer rate."

We used the following command line options on the server machine:

ntttcps -m 4,0, -a
..and the same basic thing on each of our test systems acting as clients:
ntttcpr -m 4,0, -a
Our server was a Windows XP Pro system based on Chaintech's Zenith 9CJS motherboard with a Pentium 4 2.4GHz (800MHz front-side bus, Hyper-Threading enabled) and CSA-attached Gigabit Ethernet. A crossover CAT6 cable was used to connect the server to each system.

The nForce4 boards were tested with the NVIDIA Firewall and Jumbo Frames disabled.

Here, the A8R-MVP is really hampered by its PCI-based Gigabit Ethernet controller. The board doesn't deliver anywhere near the throughput of the PCI Express-based Gigabit implementations or the nForce4's integrated GigE controller. CPU utilization is at least reasonable, although not as low as the ActiveArmor-equipped A8N32-SLI.

When looking at our Ethernet performance results, keep in mind that the A8R-MVP uses the very same Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet controller as the RDX200. Despite identical chips, the DFI board has much lower throughput and significantly higher CPU utilization. That's a perfect example of why the ULi south bridge is such a desirable alternative to the SB450.