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HD Tach
We tested HD Tach with the benchmark's full variable zone size setting.

The 7,200-RPM Momentus and Travelstar drives trade places at the front of the 2.5" field in HD Tach's average read and write speed tests, with Hitachi taking the former and Seagate claiming the latter. In both tests, the Momentus 5400.2 bests the Travelstar 5K100. Keep in mind that sustained read and write speed tests are the best way to highlight our 80GB Travelstar 5K100's platter capacity disadvantage, though.

Platter capacity should have nothing to do with burst performance, making the 5K100's poor showing here a little odd. The 7K100's burst speed isn't all that impressive, either, with both Seagate drives managing burst speeds that are nearly 20MB/s faster.

Seagate has a slight edge in HD Tach's random access time test, with both its drives edging out the Travelstars by fractions of a millisecond.

HD Tach's CPU utilization results are well within the +/- 2% margin for error in this test.