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Top 7 Online Wallets for Storing Crypto

Cameron Wiggins
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It can sometimes be tough to keep up with all of the changes happening in the world. Between our own personal lives and the global crises that are seemingly becoming daily headlines, it’s not always easy to stay up on current events. Not to mention it feels like new technologies are popping up on social media or in storefronts every day. One of these technologies is cryptocurrency. Crypto is one of the biggest investing and technological trends of the 21st century. With crypto seeming like a long-term fixture, the time to join in on the crypto game is quickly approaching. In this review, we will talk about some of the top online wallets for storing crypto.

What’s an Online Wallet?

An online wallet, or cryptocurrency wallet, is essentially just a wallet where users can securely store their crypto investments online. Like a real-world wallet, crypto traders don’t necessarily need an online wallet. You can still spend or trade your online assets as you please. However, having an online wallet helps you to both organize and safely store your cryptocurrency. While it is not a technical necessity, we would recommend that anyone looking to invest in crypto also invest in an online wallet. 

Top 7 Online Wallets


Our first entry on the list, Exodus, is a great online wallet for crypto beginners. Exodus has an extremely user-friendly interface that keeps all your important information in one easy-to-navigate location. Users of Exodus also get access to a wide range of cryptocurrency options and access to a built-in exchange. Exodus offers both a desktop and mobile application meaning you can access your online wallet from anywhere. For those looking to start in the crypto game, Exodus can be a great option.


The next entry on our list of top online wallets, Guarda, is arguably the most secure online wallet available. Guarda has built its reputation on its security and its user-friendly interface. The site has quite expensive fees, but it is unquestionably one of the top online wallets. Users can expect seamless functionality and top-of-the-line security when trusting their crypto with Guarda. 


Another great option for users to consider is Coinbase. Coinbase is a great option for serious traders who are willing to upgrade to the Coinbase Pro service. The basic Coinbase is very easy to navigate and offers great security. But it also has somewhat expensive and confusing transaction fees that make it difficult for casual traders. Coinbase Pro users get access to detailed market history and statistics, as well as reduced trade fees. For those looking to get serious about cryptocurrency, Coinbase Pro may be the perfect online wallet for you.


Crypto.com is a great, well-rounded option for anyone looking to join crypto. The fees are somewhat expensive, but the interface is extremely easy to navigate, and Crypto.com has one of the largest varieties of crypto trading on its platform. Not to mention Crypto.com has built an outstanding reputation for protecting its clients’ investments and information. One of the top options all around, it is easy to see why millions are using Crypto.com


One of the top options for mobile crypto wallets comes from Mycelium. With over a decade in the crypto game, Mycelium is one of the most trustworthy online wallets available. The wallet only comes in the form of mobile apps, making it a great choice for Apple and Android users alike. The mobile apps allow for easy trading on the go. Mycelium offers users four different transaction fees that vary based on the size and type of transaction. All in all, Mycelium is a great mobile option for those looking for online wallets.


The next entry on our list, Electrum, is one of the top online wallets for Bitcoin traders. Electrum is an open-source platform that has enabled users to trade Bitcoin for over a decade now. One of the biggest advantages of using Electrum is that users can make Bitcoin transactions through a lightning connection. The lightning connection allows users to make transactions faster, and for a lower fee. Unfortunately, Electrum is not super user-friendly, and customer support is not one of the platform’s strong suits. While maybe not for everyone, Electrum is a great option for savvy Bitcoin traders.


Last but not least comes the online wallet from Blockchain. With over 80 million crypto traders on the platform, Blockchain is easily one of the most popular online wallets today. With access to multiple crypto options, a secure site, and an enticing reward plan it is easy to see why so many people use Blockchain to store their crypto.

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