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Talent Acquisition: 5 Innovative Tools for 2022

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The way we hire, onboard, and manage talent in today’s digital age is evolving at an incredible rate. We live in an age of time-short business leaders searching for rapid hiring processes. Thankfully, we’re also seeing an increase in the number of innovative talent acquisition tools and apps.

For instance, the recruiting software market size was valued at approximately $2.21 billion in 2020 and is projected to rise to $3.88 billion by 2028. Companies are also increasing their solutions such as Applicant Tracking Systems software to scan through resumes. Approximately 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS today.

To make the search for talent not just more effective, but more lucrative too, various software innovators have launched new solutions to support recruitment teams. Here are some of the most innovative talent acquisition tools to make waves in 2022.

1. OnGig Text Analyzer

One of the toughest parts of attracting the right candidates for a job opportunity is writing an effective job description. Not only can it be difficult to highlight the kind of important information likely to get people excited by your job, but a lot of job description writers have trouble with a bunch of potential biases.

Your job description can suffer from:

  • exclusionary language, such as offensive or politically incorrect terms;
  • age bias, with language like “digital native” or “youthful energy”;
  • gender bias, using masculine terms found commonly in outdated job descriptions; and
  • poor job titles, those that use “internal speak” which can make it difficult for people to understand what you’re looking for.

The OnGig Text Analyzer is an AI-enhanced solution that can browse through your job description for you. It will highlight examples of everything from gender bias to confusing paragraphs. The analyzer even suggests alternative words and phrases that help you optimize your job description.

2. Unboxable

Designed to tackle the problem of poor hiring decisions at its root, Unboxable is an “out-of-the-box” new solution that helps hiring managers and recruitment teams to distinguish “job fit” in a candidate before they’re offered a role.

In today’s complex talent acquisition market, there’s more to hiring the right professional than previously. Finding someone with the right selection of skills, or even the right experience, isn’t sufficient. You also need to find people who can effectively synergize with the rest of the team.

The Unboxable Job Simulator helps companies to determine which people are most likely to mesh with their existing team. It looks at everything from their workplace processes to their working style, character traits, and more. Unboxable claims its engine allows companies to predict a good hire with 93% accuracy, reducing the risk of turnover.

3. Enboarder

Onboarding is an important part of the talent acquisition process. It’s crucial to ensure that your hire is a success.

Unfortunately, the onboarding process is frequently overlooked by many companies, who rush through the “introductory” period in an attempt to rapidly fill gaps in their talent pool.

Fortunately, new HR technology like Enboarder can help manage the entire onboarding process for you. This solution can take over many of the complex parts of onboarding from the moment a professional signs a new contract. The Enboarder app conveniently helps with everything from sharing useful information about your business with your hires, to connecting them with team members.

For recruitment professionals, a successful onboarding app can improve the overall hiring experience. It will lead to a better employer brand for the company in question.

4. Recruitee

Created to transform the complicated hiring process, Recruitee is collaborative hiring software that allows companies to build their teams together more effectively. The great thing about Recruitee is it allows companies to involve as many necessary people in the hiring process as possible, with minimal stress.

You can connect people on the same platform. You can then give all of your team members a list of potential recruits to sort through. There are also filters to help you search through your talent pool more effectively, standardized applicant evaluation templates, and Kanban boards to help you track where you are in the hiring process.

Recruitee also helps with the post-hiring process, by giving you a way to keep track of your team members and determine who you should consider promoting in the future.

5. Xobin

If hiring the right employee for your team means putting candidates to the test so you can see their skills in action, Xobin could be just the app for you. This recruitment and talent acquisition software allows business leaders and recruitment agencies to screen through 1000s of resumes. They can then select applicants based on their skills.

Firstly, find the candidates you want to get to know a little better. After that, you can use the built-in remote online assessment software and virtual interview tools to put your candidate’s skills to the test. There are tons of pre-built skill assessments for things such as coding and MCQ already built into the platform.

You can also use Xobin to shortlist the talent you want to move into the next stage of the interview process. It only takes a couple of clicks, so it’s easier to keep track of the hiring process.

Making Talent Acquisition More Innovative

Skill shortages are making it harder to find the right talent.

Remote work is expanding your potential candidate pool around the globe. As a result, recruitment professionals and hiring managers need a lot more help.

Innovative talent acquisition tools can make it much easier. They not only find the right talent for your team but ensure the long-term success of each hire too.

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