Your Mobile App Should Provide These Features

A well-made app can make a wonderful complement to any website. It can help enhance the features of the website itself while also creating a lucrative revenue stream. They are also more attainable than they used to be because they cost less and don’t require as much technical knowledge as they used to. 

In fact, you can use an app builder to create one from scratch. You don’t even need to have too much expertise; you just need to figure out the features you want.

For an app to be beneficial to your website and your business, it will need to be well constructed. While an app building platform will help even novices create a professional-looking app, it will still need to have the right features. Here we take a look at some of the features your app should have if you want it to be useful to your organization.

Ensure a Seamless Checkout

Whenever someone decides to buy an item, they should have an obstacle-free path to making the purchase. Otherwise, it could be very easy for them to give up and they will likely not return. This makes it important for your checkout to be quick and easy, and achieving it is one of the most effective ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment. As it stands, online retailers have a 60-80% cart abandonment rate on average, so there is definitely room for improvement.

One of the biggest culprits are forms that ask for too many details. Forms can be difficult to fill in on mobile so it is best to keep fields to the bare minimum needed for the sale to go through. There are ways to gather more information later, such as offering free eBooks in exchange for more personal details. You should also ensure the checkout process is particularly seamless for people who already have an account, especially considering around 55% will give up if they have to re-enter their details.


Apps offer a great opportunity for you to create a personalized experience, and this can have a significant positive impact on sales. Around 91% of shoppers say they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalization. Even just addressing somebody by name will make a big difference, and you can offer even greater levels of personalization with the right information. For example, you could present somebody with an offer for a product they are interested in. It’s easy to see how this can result in more sales.  

Personalization also brings another benefit: It can be used to help encourage people to give you more personal information. After all, around 83% of consumers are willing to provide information in exchange for a more personalized experience. Not only can this information be used for enhanced personalization, but the information can also be used to help improve future campaigns.

Easy Navigation

One of the main reasons that people use apps in the first place is they help to make things easier. With this in mind, it’s important to make the app itself easy to use. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to ensure it’s easy to navigate. 

For one thing, make sure to take small screen sizes into account. This will help prevent clutter and make things easier to find. Also, menu options should be minimized as much as possible and easy to read.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes and take yourself on a tour of your app. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for, and is there anything like faulty buttons that mar the experience? Try and see the app through your customers’ eyes and fix any issues accordingly.

One-Click Call Buttons

Typing information on a mobile screen can be difficult and can cause mistakes. As you create your app, keep this in mind. Offer users a way to perform actions with a single push of a button.

If, for example, there was the option to make a call with a single push, it would make an app much easier to use, and you would be likely to receive more calls if it’s your number on the app.

Augmented Reality

If you are unsure of how effective augmented reality (AR) can be, think back to Pokémon Go in 2018. Pokémon Go created an international craze that made the company $800 million that year alone. Of course, creating something as successful as Pokémon Go is hard and highly unlikely, but it’s not necessary for an app to reach those heights to be successful.

Imagine you are a home furnishing company and you can use augmented reality to show what a person’s home would look like with your furniture. What if somebody could use AR to see what a particular sofa would look like in their living room? It’s easy to see how being able to visualize using a product will make it easier for people to make a decision to buy, and this means more sales.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the ‘pop-ups’ that appear on your phone to let you know about something. It could be the latest news update or an update on which products are in stock at your favorite eCommerce store. Regardless, push notifications are very effective at getting the right information to your target audience and can make it a lot easier for conversions to be achieved.

Remember that push notifications must be approved by the user, so you should give them a good reason to accept them. You could try explaining why accepting them is a good idea, such as not missing out on great deals. Regardless of how you encourage people to accept them, push notifications can benefit you in numerous ways, including making a smoother path to the sale.


The features that best suit you will depend largely on the nature of your business. Above is just a small selection of the most common or most effective features and your plans should not be limited to them alone. You could consider speaking with a professional app builder to help you with the construction of your app. If that sounds too costly for you, you could even try building one yourself.

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mobile app development
2 months ago

A lot of new features are needed to be integrated to Mobile apps with respect to the requirements of a business usage

Star Brood
Star Brood
2 months ago

Have you ever considered writing actual articles?
Explain how lists with sponsored links will encourage people to continue using your site.
Learning from the negative responses on your post might be a good idea.
Love to see you write about CPUs, GPUs, other things that interest the community that built this site.
Otherwise, this site will remain dead.

2 months ago
Reply to  Star Brood

On the contrary, my users get a big kick out of Augmented Reality and seamless checkout features in my metronome app.

2 months ago
Reply to  derFunkenstein

“Here are Five Terms That Popped Up When I Googled App Development”

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