Improve Mac Performance by Following These Eight Simple Suggestions

If you have an old MacBook, odds are good that it is not performing optimally. In some cases, having a poorly performing computer becomes an issue because you can’t complete work on time. Random crashes, freezes, and even restarts are disrupting to workflow.

Anyone who wants to improve Mac performance should read through the tips below. Implementing any or all of these simple suggestions is likely to boost laptop performance.

1. Scan for cybersecurity threats.

The first suggestion is to find and remove potential cybersecurity threats. Even minor viruses or malware can snowball out of control if left unchecked. The more of these threats you have stored on your computer, the more damage they will do over time.

XProtect is the default antivirus that comes bundled with MacOS. However, some users have reported that the software is not sufficient to ensure the safety of their Mac laptops. Thus, it would probably be better to purchase a different antivirus tool and use it instead of XProtect.

In addition to having antivirus software, you can protect the computer and your privacy by using virtual private networks when surfing the net. Enabling the MacBook’s Firewall ought to help as well.

2. Improve Mac performance by removing the dust inside.

Dust is a serious issue to address when you want to improve the performance of your Mac. Old internal MacBook fans may not be enough to keep up with your demands. If the background processes consume more resources than the MacBook can handle, you will need to clean the dust that accumulates inside the laptop. However, if you decide to clean it yourself, be careful with the internal hardware. If you damage it, there will be consequences for any and all warranties.

Besides removing the filth inside, it’s worth investing in a cooling pad. This inexpensive accessory should come in handy by providing the MacBook with cool air and lowering the temperature when the computer starts to overheat.

3. Keep enough free space on your hard drive.

Not having enough free space on the MacBook’s drive is a common problem. Despite its sleek design and great performance, Macs are not the best when it comes to available storage. Additionally, if you purchased a cheaper model and have had it for a while, it’s likely that there is too much clutter on the laptop’s drive.

For starters, you want to get rid of temporary system junk like old system backups and app caches. Some of the best tools for the job would be software like CleanMyMac X that clears the junk data for you.

Other than the temporary data, you should also delete old applications, downloads, and other files you no longer need.

Transferring less-needed data to external storage is a good option as well. External hard drives are now relatively inexpensive. Besides external hard drives, there are also cloud-based storage services such as iCloud and Dropbox that offer a few gigabytes of free space with the option to upgrade that by paying a monthly fee.

4. Manage your system resources.

Keep close tabs on system resources by checking the Activity Monitor regularly. If you notice that some processes are consuming more RAM or energy than they should, you may need to disable them.

There will be some exceptions. These include communication tools you use for work or antivirus software running in the background to scan and eliminate cybersecurity threats. However, if there are one or two or even more redundant apps in the background, you should quit them. Doing so should improve the overall Mac performance.

5. Maintain a clutter-free desktop.

For some computer owners, it’s more convenient to keep documents and app shortcuts on the desktop to access them quickly. However, a cluttered MacBook desktop may spell trouble since the MacOS has to render each icon when users switch between the desktop and other tabs.

It may be difficult to change this habit, but try to maintain a clutter-free desktop. Keep shortcuts and documents in another location and use the search feature when you need to access them.

6. Upgrade computer hardware.

Hardware upgrades on a MacBook are not as simple as they are on a custom-built personal computer. However, there are still a few modifiable areas. For example, it is possible to add extra RAM and replace hard drives with solid-state drives in some models. An external graphics processing unit is also an available hardware upgrade you might consider.

7. Optimize all internet browsers.

If your internet browser causes the most problems when you are using the computer, make some changes. Other than switching to an entirely different internet browser, you should remove unnecessary browser extensions and add-ons. Clearing browser cache is also a good way to improve performance.

8. Installing OS updates will improve Mac performance.

The last bit of advice is about being quick to install MacOS updates. Even if an update takes a while to download and install, it’s still worth it for a couple of reasons.

The first is new features. Bigger MacOS updates introduce neat features that enrich the user experience. Security updates are also a common reason why Apple engineers release OS updates. They react to the latest threats and want to ensure that Mac owners do not expose their computers to the latest malware and viruses.

Lastly, having the latest MacOS version also means having the latest performance upgrades that could make a significant difference.

It’s easy to get so caught up in workload that you begin to ignore the warning signs of diminished laptop performance. It might help to block out chunks of time every so often to run these simple system checks and adjust where needed. A computer is much like a car. If you keep driving your vehicle when it’s low on oil, you can set yourself up for expensive repair bills later on. Most of us focus on having a strong WiFi signal and then get straight to work, but a little preventive maintenance as a weekly ritual will save you bigger headaches in the future.

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